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I got a bit bored of my pizza scramble recently, so I made a decision to try more of a frittata-type joint rather. I mixed my eggs along with my pepperoni and also mushrooms before cooking as opposed to after and also spread out the blend on foil in a frying pan and put it in the oven to see just what it would do. Bear in mind: the foil was a mistake. It came out quite fantastic on the initial run truly, with the exception of a great deal of removing of aluminum foil and directly staying clear of consuming several of that foil. My logic was that the aluminum foil would certainly be very easy to peel off the cooked item, however no, eggs do not act like that. Anyway, here’s crust-less egg pizza!

Ingredients: eggs … And also whatever you such as on pizza!

I prefer to do mine with turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, as well as shredded cheese. Also I such as to put fifty percent of that cheese in the preliminary mix, after that the various other fifty percent on the top when it’s almost performed in the oven.

If you’re making use of a vegetable like mushrooms that removes water when food preparation and diminishes up, that’s a hint that you need to do that BEFORE food preparation it right into the “pizza”! Brownish them up in a pan initially, otherwise all that wetness will come out in the stove as well as make things a soaked swamp. Note: do tiny batches at a time to successfully eliminate the moisture and firm them up.

Mix these active ingredients with the eggs as well as great deals of flavorings in a dish, in percentages that result in something most definitely less wet compared to an omelette blend, similar to this:

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Be conservative with the size of this blend due to the fact that when you spread it in your NON-FOILED frying pan splashed with nonstick spray the egg actually expands thin …

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Don’ t attempt to quit it, just follow it with your solid ingredients so it’s all evenly distributed, then allow it broil to harden and also problem it up. Watch on it up until it’s crisped to your preference, bearing in mind the edges where the egg is really slim WILL obtain quite burned-looking. You could press it inwards with a spatula as it hardens as much as aid it not rely on ashes.

When it’s looking quite golden, run a pizza slicer through it making pieces, perhaps different the sections a little bit with a spatula to allow them brownish individually and also get a little crunchier if you choose. This will take some testing … just try it when it looks excellent as well as if you like it a little bit more intense throw it back in for a couple minutes! Egg can get really burnt-looking while still in fact tasting really good. I actually put mine therein to die to be truthful. Mine comes out thus:

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Things constantly stay real right here in my write-ups – it absolutely has even more provide to it compared to real pizza with crust, so do not expect a Utopian carbless pizza option and also I’ll guarantee to proceed NOT spewing incorrect rainbows at you concerning macro-friendlier choices that are “BETTER THAN THE REAL THING HEHE !! [hair flip], however the preference is VERY just like a splendidly crunchy thin-crust pizza – I am positive in my capabilities to throw random components with each other into a pile of typically tasty garbage plates, but I truly stunned myself with exactly how good this promptly came out, especially shown previous encounters aiming to make anything with eggs crispy as well as scrumptious besides eggs alone. I even found I like oozing some malt vinegar on this for a little wetness and also tang. I’ll most definitely love this brand-new staple for a while.